A New Approach to Women Leadership & Workplace Unity Training

Ready to create a Unified Workplace™?

Want to close the Gender Gap?

We have created a new holistic approach to helping employers better support their women leaders and successfully close the gender gap, while unify their entire workforce.

Want to close the Innovation Gap?

Closing the gender gap, while implementing design thinking strategies and leadership allows you to harness currently under-utilized talent and resources. Imagine what is possible when all your talent is supported to reach their full potential. 


Offering a New Holistic Framework & Results Focused Approach


Women Leadership Nation™ works in male dominated industries to close the Gender Gap, by creating Unified Workplaces™ that Attract, Develop, Engage and Retain Women Leaders.  

According to the World Economic Forum it will take 170 years for women to achieve gender parity in the workplace. We feel 170 years is too long, do you?  Our programs are designed to include both men and women, working together to create unity. 

We help employers...

Understand their current level of unity, set goals, create a culture of unity that embraces diversity, inclusion and collaboration; resulting in a more innovative, agile and competitive organization. 

We help women leaders...

Take a journey of self-discovery creating a greater understanding of their strengths, identifying opportunities for growth, learning new unity and leadership skills  and create strategies for overcoming barriers and obstacles.  

We help teams...

Engage in a deeper dialogue about differences, identifying commonalities and increase the potential for greater understanding, acceptance, respect and opportunities for stronger collaboration. Managing conscious and unconscious bias.   

We help government economic development offices...

Attract and retain thought leading businesses and top talent by becoming a Unified Business Community™  that creates a supportive environment where Unified Workplaces™ can growth and thrive. 

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Just imagine what's possible with a fully engaged workforce

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What Makes Us Different

SPECIAL OFFER: TotalSDI® Strengths Assessment


Building Upon Your Strengths


Based upon Dr. Elias Porter Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI) and Relationship Awareness Theory the TotalSDI assessment focuses on identifying personal strengths and their underlying motives as a key to understanding people and improving relationships with ourselves, in teams and in the community/organization. 

The Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI) is a powerful tool for understanding the motives and values that drive behaviours (the why). 

The SDI assessment helps people to better understand themselves and others, so that they can successfully lead authentically. The assessment measures motives under two conditions:

1) When things are going well. 

2) When faced with conflict. 

SDI is a self-assessment based on what motivates people and what brings them a sense of self-worth. When used effectively, the SDI increases self-awareness, interpersonal awareness, personal effectiveness, and interpersonal effectiveness. 

A Journey from Awareness to Effectiveness

The TotalSDI Strengths Assessment and training helps you become more self-aware and teaches you techniques for engaging your strengths to become more productive in your relationships, and how to help others engage their strengths to become more productive. 

SPECIAL OFFER! Take the assessment for only $250 with a 1 hour results analysis session.

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TotalSDI Individual Assessment & Analysis Session

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