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Creating a Unified Workplace™

While our main focus is to help bridge the gender gap, our programs are aimed at helping individuals both women and men within organizations to navigate a labyrinth of barriers to innovation as well as unity. 

Our solutions are aimed at building awareness, understanding, and agility for a skill set that supports diversity, inclusion, and collaboration as an effective and efficient change management strategy. Our training includes both women and men, as we all need to work better together. 


Through our in-depth diagnostics, and proprietary measurement tools Women Leadership Nation is able to clearly identify Unity Gaps within your organization. 

It has never been more important for organizations across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors to unify their workforces and close the Gender and Innovation Gaps if they wish to attract top talent, innovate, compete globally and thrive.

Our team of professionals will guide you through our plug and play modular program outlines and will work with you to establish a strategic customized in- house experiential learning curriculum, delivered by WLN, that will help you achieve your unity goals. 

Women Leadership Nation will become an extension of your team and work closely with you on your journey to achieving a Unified Workplace.

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We are deeply committed to helping our clients achieve measurable and sustainable long term results. 

Contact us today and let's start a conversation around how we can help you achieve unity in your workplace. 

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Establishing a Vision for Unity... Session Designed to Align Senior Leaders


Gain a Foundational Understanding what it means to become a Unified Workplace™

High level Awareness of the Organizations Unity Gaps & Strengths

Establish a Common Vision for Unity and Closing the Gender Gap

Define Your Role as Unity Champions

Identify Next Steps for Moving the Company Forward


(Personalization Available)

Ready to align your senior leaders with a common vision for creating a Unified Workplace™ and better supporting women leaders?


Establishing Greater Awareness & Benchmarking


Corporate Solutions:

Unified Workplace™ Discovery Assessment 

& Unity Report

12 Building Blocks to Unity© Evaluation

Executive, Leadership & Employees Unity Survey

Individual & Team Based Solutions:

Strengths Discovery: TotalSDI© Assessment


Ready to increase your organizations self-awareness and identify unity gaps?


Building a Unity Playbook & Action Plan


Explore the 12 Building Blocks to Unity© & the 12 Unity Skills™

Refine the Vision for Creating a Unified Workplace™ 

Establish Unity Goals & Objectives

Identify Barriers & Opportunities, Refining the a Gap Analysis

Work Together to Develop Strategies and Action Plan for Getting Measurable Results


(Personalization Available)

Ready to create or refine your strategy for establishing a Unified Workplace™?


Creating Change & Getting Results


Gain a Foundational Understanding what it means to be a Unified Workplace™ 

Establish a Common Understanding of the Unity Strategy

Define Your Roll in Activating the Unity Strategy

Learn to Leverage the 12 Unity Skills Matrix©  within Your Teams

Learn to Create a Culture of Unity & Resilience

Define Your Role as a Unity Champion


(Personalization Available)

Ready to align your leaders across the organization and prepare them to become strong Unity Champions?


Navigating Your Career Roadmap


Learn the fundamentals of How to Thrive in a Unified Workplace™ & 

Your Role in Creating a Positive Corporate Culture

Learn the Fundamentals of Authentic Leadership

Increase Your Self-Awareness of Strengths and opportunities for growth 

Gain Clarity and Set Careers Goals & Strategies for Growth

Establish Strong Support Networks

Learn to Lead Authentically & Be Resilient


(Personalization Available)

Ready to help women leaders successfully navigate, grow and thrive personally and professionally? 


Get Certified, Share Best Practices and Network with Peers


The Certification Program recognizes qualified organizations

identifying where they are along their journey towards creating an environment 

that is Unified and allows all employees to thrive

Offers public recognition and awareness for Unified Workplaces™

Certification Program

Awards Program

Peer Network Events

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Ready to get certified as Unified Workplace™, share best practices and connect with other thought-leaders? 


WLN is available to deliver webinars to your organization or association. 

Have a specific need? Customization is Available!

TotalSDI® Strengths Assessment


Building Upon Your Strengths


Based upon Dr. Elias Porter Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI) and Relationship Awareness Theory the TotalSDI assessment focuses on identifying personal strengths and their underlying motives as a key to understanding people and improving relationships with ourselves, in teams and in the community/organization. 

The Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI) is a powerful tool for understanding the motives and values that drive behaviours (the why). 

The SDI assessment helps people to better understand themselves and others, so that they can successfully lead authentically. The assessment measures motives under two conditions:

1) When things are going well. 

2) When faced with conflict. 

SDI is a self-assessment based on what motivates people and what brings them a sense of self-worth. When used effectively, the SDI increases self-awareness, interpersonal awareness, personal effectiveness, and interpersonal effectiveness. 

A Journey from Awareness to Effectiveness

The TotalSDI Strengths Assessment and training helps you become more self-aware and teaches you techniques for engaging your strengths to become more productive in your relationships, and how to help others engage their strengths to become more productive. 

SPECIAL OFFER! Take the assessment for only $250 with a personalized results analysis session.

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WLN is available for speaking at your next event!

Speakers available for team or Diversity & Inclusion committee sessions, women leadership events, 

industry conferences and other opportunities. 

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