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Creating a Unified Workplace™

While our main focus is to help bridge the gender gap, our programs are aimed at helping individuals both women and men within organizations to navigate a labyrinth of barriers to innovation as well as unity. 

Our solutions are aimed at building awareness, understanding, and agility for a skill set that supports diversity, inclusion, and collaboration as an effective and efficient change management strategy. Our training includes both women and men, as we all need to work better together. 


Through our in-depth diagnostics, and proprietary measurement tools Women Leadership Nation is able to clearly identify Unity Gaps within your organization. 

It has never been more important for organizations across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors to unify their workforces and close the Gender and Innovation Gaps if they wish to attract top talent, innovate, compete globally and thrive.

Our team of professionals will guide you through our plug and play modular program outlines and will work with you to establish a strategic customized in- house experiential learning curriculum, delivered by WLN, that will help you achieve your unity goals. 

Women Leadership Nation will become an extension of your team and work closely with you on your journey to achieving a Unified Workplace.

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We are deeply committed to helping our clients achieve measurable and sustainable long term results. 

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Understanding your current situation


Moving Forward, Begins with Understanding Where You Are Today

Unity Discovery & Measurement – Helping companies understand where they are today on the Unified Workplace™ continuum, identify strengths and gaps that require attention, while establishing a measurable benchmark. Helping employees take a journey of self-discovery.

WLN Measurement Tools

Women Leadership Nation™ offers the following solutions: 

  • Organizational Unified Workplace™ Discovery & Gap Analysis Report

  • Organizational Unified Workplace™ Scorecard

  • Individual Strengths Assessment for Unity & Personal Growth

  • Individual Quarterly Roadmap Career Tracking Tool

  • TotalSDI Strengths Assessment for Organizations, Individuals & Teams

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TotalSDI® Strengths Assessment


Building Upon Your Strengths


Based upon Dr. Elias Porter Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI) and Relationship Awareness Theory the TotalSDI assessment focuses on identifying personal strengths and their underlying motives as a key to understanding people and improving relationships with ourselves, in teams and in the community/organization. 

The Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI) is a powerful tool for understanding the motives and values that drive behaviours (the why). 

The SDI assessment helps people to better understand themselves and others, so that they can successfully lead authentically. The assessment measures motives under two conditions:

1) When things are going well. 

2) When faced with conflict. 

SDI is a self-assessment based on what motivates people and what brings them a sense of self-worth. When used effectively, the SDI increases self-awareness, interpersonal awareness, personal effectiveness, and interpersonal effectiveness. 

A Journey from Awareness to Effectiveness

The TotalSDI Strengths Assessment and training helps you become more self-aware and teaches you techniques for engaging your strengths to become more productive in your relationships, and how to help others engage their strengths to become more productive. 

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Unity Advisory & Implementation Support


A Strategic Approach Towards Creating a Unified Workplace™

Creating a Unified Workplace™ is a journey, not a destination! As a niche firm, we support our clients at every phase of their Unified Workplace™ Journey providing a highly personalized experience that meets their specific needs and is reflective of their industry. 

Helping companies create holistic Unity Playbooks, Strategies & Action Plans supporting senior leaders and human resource leaders in their efforts to increase unity; as well as, supporting employees in the creation of Unity Career Roadmaps™

Women Leadership Nation is also available to help companies with the implementation of their unity and women leadership strategies and action plans.

Corporate training & development


Results Are Possible... With a Holistic Solution

Access a full suite of personalized, project-based leadership training & development programs designed to help companies become successful Unified Workplaces™. 

Programs are offered in the following formats, based on the clients unique requirements: 

  • Half-Day Sessions
  • Full-Day Sessions
  • 2-Day Sessions
  • Executive Leadership Retreats

All training & development solutions are project-based incorporating the clients specific needs and involve an experiential learning approach. 

Programs are divided in the following categories: Foundation, Inclusion, Collaboration, Diversity & Innovation. Don't see a training program you need? No worries, we can create one for you. 


Building the Foundation


Creating a Foundation for Establishing a Unified Workplace™

Training, Workshops & Assessments include:

  • Culture Shift Workshop -  Get started with ensuring your leadership team is on the same page when it comes to creating a strategy and action plan for unity... Strengthen your Unity Champions

  • Navigating the Labyrinth: Unity Strategy Playbook Workshop

  • Navigating the Labyrinth: Unity Career Roadmap Workshop

  • TotalSDI®, Individual & Team Strengths Assessments

Creating an inclusive environment


A Unified Workplace™ is Inclusive

Training & Workshops include:

  • Identifying Barriers to Inclusion Module

  • Creating a Support Ecosystem Module

  • Action Planning for Access Module

  • Dealing with Blind Spots & Unconscious Bias Module

  • Mentorship Program

Collaborating for unity


A Unified Workplace™ is Collaborative

Training & Workshops include:

  • The Infrastructure of Unity Module

  • Radical Collaboration Module

  • Inclusive, Yet Persuasive Communication Strategies Module

  • Navigating the Work/Life Balance Module

Leveraging diversity


A Unified Workplace™ is Diverse

Training & Workshops include:

  • Storytelling Structures Module 

  • Leveraging Diversity Module

  • Beyond Our Fears and Goals Module

  • Cultivating Female Capital Module

Gaining an edge with innovation


A Unified Workplace™ is Innovative

Training & Workshops include:

  • Authentic Leadership Module

  • Managing Conflict in Teams Module

  • Cultural Transformation Module

  • Cultivating Resiliency Module 

  • Responsive Branding Module

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WLN is available for speaking at your next event!

Speakers available for team or Diversity & Inclusion committee sessions, women leadership events, industry conferences and other opportunities. 

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Leadership lesson's from Canada's most inspiring leaders, sharing best practices for closing the Gender Gap and telling stories of innovation and growth. 

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