Jennifer Ladouceur was the recipient of the prestigious “Women of Inspiration” award for entrepreneurship and be recognized among a group of extremely accomplished and inspirational women. 

"Following my passion to co-create Women Leadership Nation™ Inc. with my amazing business partner Shannon Nichole has been a dream come true to be able to help corporations close the gender gap." Jennifer Ladouceur

WLN Becomes an EHRC "Accord Advocate"


Leadership Accord for Gender Diversity - WLN Becomes an "Accord Advocate"

Lead by Electricity Human Resources Canada, the Accord is a public commitment by employers, educators, unions and governments to promote the values of diversity and inclusion within their organizations.

Women Leadership Nation™  is proud to announce we have become "Accord Advocates"

“The Leadership Accord on Gender Diversity in the Electricity Industry is a public commitment by employers, educators, unions and governments to promote the values of diversity, equality and inclusion throughout their work. Whether it’s through recruitment, retention, career progression or training and development, all our signatories are committed to improving opportunities for women in the electricity industry.  The signatories to this accord recognize and confirm united action to expand the breadth and depth of the skilled workforce; ensure that women are informed of the opportunities available in the sector; and, once in the sector, are fully supported and provided with equal opportunities to grow and develop to their full potential.”

Exciting New partnership Announcement!


A New Strategic Alliance between WLN & Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC)


Women Leadership Nation has officially formed a new partnership with the Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) on International Women’s Day. 

This strategic alliance will offer EHRC members and Leadership Accord signatories with training & development and strategy support focused on helping them to make progress in closing the Gender Gap. 

EHRC members and Accord signatories will benefit from access to valuable resources, preferred pricing and a 10% discount on all WLN programs and services designed to help them achieve parity. 

"We are thrilled to be partnering with the EHRC to help support the Gender Leadership Accord. We believe signing the Accord provides businesses with exceptional direction and support as they strive to become a more unified workplace. We look forward to working with EHRC and their member organizations to help them take a new, holistic approach to closing the gender gap; while also helping them to emerge as more diverse, inclusive and collaborative, and ultimately a more innovative organization.” Jennifer Ladouceur, President, Women Leadership Nation, A Pozentivity Inc. Company

We are excited to be working with forward-thinking organizations who are ready to create a new model and a new approach to closing the Gender Gap and innovating. 


About the EHRC Leadership Accord for Gender Diversity

The Leadership Accord on Gender Diversity is a public commitment by Canadian employers, educators, unions and governments to promote the values of diversity and inclusion within their organizations. It was developed and launched by EHRC on March 8th 2017 and provides a platform to create a culture of equality and inclusion throughout the workforce. 

Signing the Accord is just the first step on an exciting journey. 

When you make the commitment to sign the Accord’s certificate of declaration, you also make a commitment to benchmark your organization through a guided review process and self-assessment tool. These tools will help you implement a succession of initiatives that will support tangible outcomes and help diversity thrive in your organization long-term.

"EHRC’s partnership with Women Leadership Nation was developed with the understanding that changing the gender landscape is not easy: it takes tactical and continued efforts to effect systemic change. EHRC’s vision in partnering with WLN is that those organizations who need support will be equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to identify and overcome barriers that might slow your organization’s progress. WLN are experts at delivering holistic training, measurement, and tailored support solutions to help employers become not just more diverse, but more agile and competitive." Michelle Branigan, Chief Executive Officer, Electricity Human Resources Canada


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