Culture Shift Power Session... For Leaders Getting started or rebooting an existing unity strategy

A Unique Program Designed for Senior HR Leaders and Senior Executive Teams, helping them to Create a Unified Workplace™

The first step in closing the Gender Gap and increasing Unity: Diversity, Inclusion, and Collaboration is ensuring the senior leaders are speaking a common language, have a shared vision and are committed to a single strategy. 

Can creating a Unified Workplace™ really produce stronger financial and operational performance while increasing employee attraction, engagement and retention?

The answer is YES!

Shifting your culture to one of Unity helps organizations: 

  • Close the Gender Gap
  • Increase Collaboration Among Teams & Key Stakeholders
  • Increase Innovation & Creativity
  • Increase Productivity & Profits
  • Increase Employee Engagement & Talent Attraction
  • Increase Insights into Customers & Key International Markets
  • Improve the Company Reputation
  • Increase the Range of Skills, Experiences & Insights
  • Reduce Employee Turnover
  • Increase Competitive Position
  • Be Recognized as a Leader & Win Awards and Increase Corporate Recognition


Unity Begins with Leadership

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Attention all leaders

Are you ready for a new approach?

If you want to increase gender diversity, innovation and produce stronger financial and operational performances then this may be one of the most important workshops you will participate in. 

Many organizations have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to close the gender gap but the quick fix mentality and band aid solutions that are currently being offered simply have not been delivering the culture shifts needed to support workplace unity.

By doing nothing to support gender diversity you risk potential organizational failure, lower financial and operational performance, low retention, attraction and engagement and decreased innovation.

It is time to embrace a fresh new holistic solution that starts with the WLN’s Culture Shift Power Session. 


IS Your company ready for the workplace of the future?


A Focus on Results...

By embracing Women Leadership Nations holistic solutions, your organization will benefit from:

  • A heightened awareness of trends, gaps, and obstacles enabling you to be proactive instead of reactive

  • New unity skill sets and Inclusive practices of collaboration that build stronger teams, increasing productivity and profitability

  • Stronger corporate culture that will increase employee engagement, retention and Unity

  • Have a better overall public image giving you the ability to better attract top talent and new high-profile clients

  • Improved diversity increasing innovation by leveraging diversity perspectives

  • Stronger and improved financial and operational performance 

Culture Shift Power Session - Special offer

A Workshop Designed for Senior Leaders... Who are responsible for creating unity in the workplace

The Culture Shift Power Session is a practical, tangible focused approach that will align your Senior Executive Team and support them in developing Unity strategies that will begin to achieve sustainable long-term results.

 The Culture Shift Workshop - Program Breakdown:

Diversity Consultation (2-hrs)

  • Meeting with HR to review current Unity landscape
  • Data Analysis to identify gaps
  • Discovery Report

Culture shift session with the Senior Executive Team (3-hrs)

This During this collaborative, experiential session your team will:

  • Receive a discovery gap analysis repot defining the current Unity landscape to identify strengths and barriers 
  • Map your unique workplace labyrinth 
  • Discover a new holistic approach to closing the gender gap
  • Learn how to systematically create innovation by leveraging unity
  • Benefit from learning new mindsets, new strategies and access new tools for creating unity in the workplace
  • Begin crafting your own Unity Action Plan

Debrief and Next Steps (1-hr)

  • Meeting with diversity and inclusion team as well senior executives to highlight progress and identify areas for future growth.

Ready for a New Approach to Unity?

Don’t Miss this AMAZING opportunity to become a leader in closing the gender gap by transforming your workplace to one of Unity, while increasing innovation, retention, engagement and your competitive advantage.

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