The Gender Gap not only exists, its growing...

Less Women in Senior Leadership Roles

"Less than 3% of TSX CEO's are Female." (Wealthsimple, 2016)

Gender Pay Equity Gap Still Exists

"Women earn only $0.87 for every dollar earned by a man." (Statistics Canada, 2017)

Women Face More Work Interruptions

"7 in 10 Women feel family obligations or maternity leave hold them back."(Huffington Post, 2015)

Not Enough is Being Done

"When asked if your organization has a formal gender diversity policy or plan, 28% of women said not sure, 44% said no, and only 28% said yes." (Hays Gender Diversity Report, 2016)

Lack of Work/Life Balance

"Women felt they have to choose between a high-powered career or a fulsome commitment to family. The idea of 'having it all' remained an elusive gendered notion." (Huffington Post, 2015)

Harassment is a Problem

"81% of Women experience verbal harassment. 1in 3 women have been sexually harassed at work and 71% of women did not report the sexual harassment." (Huffington Post, 2015)

The Gender Gap is Costly

Increased Profitability

Organizations that have at least 30% women in leadership roles are 12x more likely to excel financially. (DDI Women in Leadership, 2016)

Enhanced Innovation & Collaboration

Strong female leaders provide Diversity of Thought, which breeds Innovation and Collaboration. (DDI Women in Leadership, 2016)

Higher Retention & Attraction

Paying more attention to the gender gap is critical to our economy as, 84% of companies will be negatively impacted by lack of quality leaders over the next 2 - 4 years and women with access to development programs are 11% more engaged and 67% less likely to leave. (Brandon Hall Group, 2015) 

Stronger Corporate Cultures

Most admired companies have 2x more women in senior management. (Fortune, 2016)

Improved Customer Orientation

Diversity companies forge stronger bonds with customers in two respects: (1) Reaching key purchasing decision makers; (2) Taking a customer perspective. (Diversity Matters, 2015)

Stronger Global Economy

Achieving gender parity would add $28 trillion to the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 2015. (DDI Women in Leadership, 2016) 

Just a few of the movements already underway...

Exciting progress is taking place as more women around the world are self organizing to work together to solve this problem. SheEO Inc. is one amazing example of what's possible. 

We are proud SheEO Activators.

Canadian Engineers: 30 by 30

Engineers Canada has committed to increasing the percentage of newly licensed Canadian engineers that are women to 30% by the year 2030. Currently, The number of newly licensed women engineers varies across Canada, with the highest percentage being in PEI (25%) and the lowest in the Yukon (12.5%). Overall, women make up less than 12% of practicing licensed engineers.

Status of Women Canada

The Government of Canada has made the Status of Women Canada an official Department, with a mandate committed to mobilizing partners and promoting equality between women and men. 

Women on Boards: Diversity 50

Canadian Board Diversity Council (CBDC) is the leading Canadian organization advancing diversity on Canada’s boards. The Council is self-funded thanks to a growing number of member organizations following initial funding from the federal government.

Move the Dial, Supporting Women in Tech

An organization committed to increasing the participation and leadership of women in tech. "We believe that advancing the full talent pool will make Canada the world's strongest and most inclusive tech ecosystem." 

Gender Equality Network Canada

The Gender Equality Network Canada/Réseau d'égalité des genres Canada brings together 140+ women leaders from community organizations across Canada.

CREW - Commercial Real Estate Women

Dedicated to empowering women to excel, influence and lead throughout their commercial real estate careers.


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